Q) What is fee-based asset management?
A) Fee-based asset management is the process of calculating all the assets under management and quarterly assessing a management fee. Typically, a manager charges 1 1/2% annually for the assets that he or she manages. Fee-based advisors really have a vested interest in their clients success because the larger their clients account's grow the more money the advisor will make in fees.

Q) What are McGibbon Asset Management's fees?
A) Typically, McGibbon Asset Management charges 1 1/2% of the assets under management. Sometimes there are exceptions for larger or smaller accounts.

Q) How much are the commissions? Are they included in the management fee?
A) McGibbon Asset Management uses Fidelity for 95% of all trading. Fidelity charges $8-$17.95 a trade in most cases and the management fee is separate from the commission.

Q) What is the minimum account size that McGibbon Asset Management would consider managing?
A) Typically $100,000 is McGibbon Asset Management's minimum. However sometimes exceptions can be made for lower amounts. Basically, it depends on the client situation and their willingness to begin investing.